Crafting Companions for a Calmer Tomorrow



At Calmara, our essence is woven into our very name, which echoes the Spanish verb "calmar," meaning "to calm." This foundation reflects our profound commitment to soothing the turbulent waves of anxiety, offering tranquility in its stead.

Our journey began with a vision by our founder, Melissa, who herself navigates the challenges of anxiety. From our home in West Palm Beach, Florida, we extend a hand to those seeking solace in their moments of need.

Our flagship creation, the Calm Koala, is more than a teddy bear—it’s a symbol of our dedication to comfort, company, and calm. It represents our belief in the gentle power of support and reassurance for managing anxiety, enhancing sleep, easing loneliness, and fostering an overall state of serenity.

Driven by a passion for wellness and a heart for healing, we're continuously developing new ways to bring peace into your life. Calmara is not just our name—it's our promise.

A promise that, though we may not eliminate anxiety entirely, we can offer the tools and companionship to live more harmoniously with it.

Join us in embracing a calmer, more serene tomorrow.


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